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Tamils languishing in Sri Lankan Death Camps [Jun. 12th, 2009|07:20 pm]
Richard Dixon
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 "The time has come for the whole Sinhala race which has existed for 2,500 years, jealously safeguarding their language and religion, to fight without giving any quarter to save their birthright. I will lead the campaign."

 Former Sri Lankan President J R Jayawardene

 "I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese”

General Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have all been witnessing one of the darkest chapters in humanity, now being written by the blood of innocent civilians in a land that was once known as Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The ugliest part of this chapter is not what is happening to the innocents but the response from the civilised world that has so far failed miserably to save the lives, although it has the power to act.

Sri Lankan authorities have recently claimed that thirty years of civil war was over and Sri Lanka had defeated Terrorism in this island.

In reality, the so called "War on Terror" is over, deceptive Humanitarian and rescue operations are over but "War on the Innocent Minority Tamils" that started almost two thousands years ago is still continuing and it has now taken a new dangerous turn.

Many of us studied in our history lessons about concentration camps and extermination camps that were operating in Europe during world war two. We were shocked, when we heard about how innocent Jewish people were killed by the Nazis in gas chambers.

Some of us have even written research papers and spent years studying about these notorious Death Camps. We have the systems and procedures in place to stop something like this being repeated in the future. International Humanitarian Organisations have genocide alert mechanisms in place for rapid action.

World leaders very often visit the Auschwitz extermination camps in Poland and make statements like "We will not allow something like this to happen in the future" or “Never again”.

 Jewish children behind Barbed wires 1945

Sadly, Genocide is taking place silently in a far away land but many have so far failed to acknowledge it. We have now become a selfish generation that is good at making regret speeches and look for scapegoats once the tragedy is over, instead of doing something constructive to save lives when it is the right time to act.

We don't even like to use the word Genocide when it is happening but we would write hundreds of books after it had happened.

It is happening again

While the Sinhala Buddhist extremists in Sri Lanka are celebrating their victory with flags and fire crackers, while the leaders of this country are dining in five star hotels, while the Sinhala youth in the capital city are singing and dancing in the night clubs, while the holy ones of the land are throwing flowers and perfumes at the feet of the Buddha statues, three hundred thousands Tamils are persecuted inside controversial Nazi style Barbed wired Concentration camps , that are operating just 150 miles away from the capital of Sri Lanka.

Tamil children behind barbed wires 2009

The people in these camps once lived in their own homes. Farmers, fishermen, priests, doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, principals, teachers, civil officers and people from all walks life, who once lived happily, are now let to suffer in the torture chambers of Sri Lanka.

Seeing innocents with hunger and sickness brings us back the memories of starving people in Ethiopia, but the difference in Sri Lanka is that these people are not confronted with a natural disaster. They have been forced into starvation, sickness and death deliberately so that the Sri Lankan masters can fulfil their racist agendas and hide the war crimes that were committed in the recent war against the Tamil rebels.

Many of these people owned farms and lands, they had savings, they still have many relatives living in other parts of the country and overseas, who are willing and able to help. Sri Lankan authorities are not allowing anybody to rescue these people from these torture camps, instead they are coming up with all kind of excuses to stop any help reaching to the needy, so that they can continue with their hidden agendas.


Deaths in Camps

Sky news has recently reported that they saw dead bodies of the Tamils lying outside the Tents.

On average ten to fifteen people are dying of preventable diseases and untreated wounds. Hospital mortuaries are unable to cope with the rising number of deaths.

Many young people are taken out for questioning and some of them are killed and their bodies are thrown on the streets. People are forced to go through painful and slow death. Urgent medical treatments are either denied or delayed deliberately to cause death to the innocents.

Many in these camps think that they would have been better off, if they were killed in Vanni by bombs. It is very heart breaking to see women, children and old people suffering from painful diseases in unhygienic conditions. They are let to die because the Sri Lankan government see this as part of their genocidal plan in this country.


Torture, Rape and Murder

Torture, Rape and Murder are used against the Tamils all over the country. But these incidents are now widely reported in these notorious camps. Recent visits by some international reporters confirm that many mothers cry uncontrollably because their daughters are being raped by the Sri Lankan security forces when they are taken for questioning.

Most parents with teenagers never sleep at night because they are worried that their sons and daughters will be abducted. The names of young people are often called out and they have to go and meet the security forces. Some of them come back, others do not.

UN has recently reported that thirteen thousands Tamils are already missing from these camps.


Food, Water and Sanitation

The conditions that these people live in, are much worse than some of the worst prisons in the world. Cooked food is given in some of these camps but the detainees are given only one meal a day. Men, women and children have to wait for hours in long queues under extreme temperatures, to get these packed meals that are prepared in unhygienic conditions. Some women and children faint and fall before they get their meals.

These faces tell us the real stories. They have lost all that they had, and they are now left to languish behind barbed wires

Thousands of wounded and maimed crawl on the dirt and mud, looking for drops of water to cool their tongues.

Drinking water is not readily available. People carry empty plastic bottles and cans and wait in long queues for hours to quench their thirsts. Water is sometime pumped from lakes and given to the detainees for consumption before purification. Many diseases in the camps are caused by unclean water. People very often die of diarrhoea and Typhoid.


Hundreds of people wait for hours to use the toilets in the camps, and by the time they reach to the facilities, the toilets are sometime blocked. Women particularly go through immense hardships because many of them don't even have change of cloths.


Law of the land doesn't protect them

 The former chief justice who was the highest judicial officer of the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka has recently said that the internally displaced people are outside the legal jurisdiction of Sri Lanka. Which means the laws of the land don't protect them.

They are not protected by the laws of the land(Lambs ready for slaughter)

Rapes, torture, murders and all the atrocities that are taking place inside these horror camps can't be reported to the police or to anybody who is responsible for the security. These people are simply let in the hands of God because man has given up on them.



Concentration camps and extermination camps

 Extermination camp is a type of concentration camp and this is not used to punish the criminals but to kill the occupants in a systematic way. Hitler used poison gas to kill millions of Jewish people in extermination camps.

Sinhala Buddhist extremists who consider themselves as a pure Arian race, have been killing Tamils for a simple reason that they see Tamils as infidels and they want to establish a Sinhala Buddhist state in Sri Lanka. This is very similar to the way how Hitler killed the Jewish people because he saw them impure.


They wait for hours in long queues at boiling temperatures to get drinking water

Instead of using poison gas to kill all the Tamils in seconds, Sri Lankan government is withdrawing food, medicine and clean water and making the people to live in horrific conditions, so that the Genocide can be carried out slowly inside closed doors.


Where did the camp people come from?

Many of us have recently heard about the war in Sri Lanka. This war was very ugly because so many war crimes had been committed and more than fifty thousand civilians died, though the official figures keep on changing. Men, women and children were forced to live inside the bunkers for months. Food and medicine were denied to them.

Although the Sri Lankan government claimed that they were fighting the war against the Tamil rebels, it was in fact orchestrated by India and the arms were supplied by China and Pakistan for these countries to secure their strategic interests in the region.

Sinhala Buddhist extremists obviously have benefited a lot from this war because oppressing, persecuting and killing Tamils are always their main goals.

This war was almost like carpet bombing the whole Belfast and killing and wounding thousands of people, starving them to death, denying food to them just to capture and kill few hundreds of IRA rebels who were begging for a ceasefire.

Just imagine one third of the people in Belfast are dead and those who did mange to escape are now forced into concentrations camps and women and children are treated in horrific conditions. No government on this earth would do something like this unless the parties of the war have other hidden motives.

But, this is what exactly happened in Sri Lanka. An area twice the size of Singapore was carpet bombed for months and thousands of civilians were killed in one of the dirtiest wars in the history.

Those who did manage to survive the war have now been sent to these controversial camps.


How do the Sri Lankan authorities justify these camps?

Sri Lankan government claims that it needs more time to weed out Terrorists from the people. They are even talking about keeping Tamils for more than three years in these death camps.

They also argue that they need more time to clear land mines from the areas where the war was fought.


Justifications for the existence of these camps are not valid

Rebels, who were able to escape the war zone, have now surrendered to the government forces. They have also openly declared that they are willing to join mainstream politics. But the government has rejected their offer and refusing to give them amnesty.

Tamil rebels were running a civil administration in their de facto state. Most of these people lived and worked with the rebels therefore weeding out rebels and their sympathisers from the people doesn't make any sense, because every single soul in this community would have had some contacts with the rebels.


Thousands of orphans of war are left in the hands of God

If they are only after the rebels, why is that mothers, children and old people are forced to live in such horrific conditions. Many of them have relatives living in other parts of the country who are willing to accommodate them. But the Sri Lankan government is not letting anybody to go but expect pregnant mothers, babies and old people suffer inside these horror camps.

Though the government claims that the entire Vanni area is full of land mines, reliable sources indicate that most of the areas are safe for the civilians. This again shows that the Sri Lankan government is deliberately keeping the people inside these torture camps.


These camps violate basic human rights

As the former chief justice of Sri Lanka has indicated, the people in these notorious camps are not protected by the laws of the land. This gives total freedom for the criminals to commit crimes without being get caught.

People are locked up in horrific conditions against their will. Hundreds and hundreds of human rights violations are taking place and these camps are completely illegal according to international laws.


Sri Lanka is not at all interested in the welfare of the Tamils

Sri Lankan government’s actions in the recent weeks clearly indicate that they have many hidden agendas and they are not at all interested in looking after the welfare of the Tamil detainees.

Many international aid agencies are still waiting for permission from the authorities to go and help the people in the camps. Relatives and friends who live in other parts of the country are willing to take care of their loved ones who are illegally locked up and persecuted. Many Tamils who live overseas, are capable and willing to provide for their loved ones. But Sri Lankan authorities are not letting anybody to feed these innocent people.

Most shockingly, a Ship that went to Sri Lanka with 800 metric tons of food, cloths and medicines has now been turned back. These were donated by the Diaspora Tamils.

Western leaders who are very keen on dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka are either denied visas to Sri Lanka or deported back from the Colombo airport. Sri Lanka has recently denied entry to Bob Rae, a prominent Canadian politician outspoken in his criticism of Colombo’s military campaign against the Tamil rebels. They also denied entry to the Swedish foreign minister who had planned to take part in a EU humanitarian mission to the country.

Sri Lankan authorities are deliberately letting the Tamils to die without enough food and medicine. They are not interested in receiving help either from international aid agencies or the Tamil Diaspora


What are their hidden agendas?

These controversial camps are wrong because the Sri Lankan government has many hidden agendas. They want to hide their crimes and also they want to continue implementing their genocidal plans.

I have heard stories that murderers sometime try their best to prevent people from getting into the crime scenes. There are also situations that a murderer deliberately wound someone and deny any medical help for the victim. He would call the ambulance when it is too late to save the dying.

All these people who are now locked up in these camps had witnessed many war crimes. The saw cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs falling on civilians. Almost all of them lived inside the bunkers in order to protect themselves from bombs and shells.

They saw their loved ones dying when the hospitals and schools were bombed. Some of them had even witnessed, surrendered rebels with white flags, being shot and killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces.

They are now witnessing killings, rape and torture in the hands of the security forces in these notorious camps. Sri Lankan authorities are preventing aid workers and journalists to the camps so that they can silence the witnesses of the war and the world wouldn't know what had happened in the killing fields.

The rate at which Tamils are disappearing and dying in these camps, half the population would be wiped out in three years time. The rest will be made mental and it would be a perfect opportunity for the Sri Lankan government to colonise two Tamil districts with Sinhala Buddhist settlers. This has always been the agenda of the Sinhala governments.

Few years ago, one of the politicians from an extremist party in the south of Sri Lanka suggested to the government that carpet bombing the Tamil cities and killing half the Tamils in the country would be one of the ways to suppress the Tamil rebellion.

Tamils getting killed in Sri Lanka pleases the Sinhala Buddhist extremists. If they had any care for the thousands of civilians killed in the war and the ones dying in the extermination camps, they wouldn't have celebrated their war victory against the rebels with sweets and chocolates.


Why do the Sinhalesse hate the Tamils so much?

Sinhalese hate the Tamils because they are taught to hate the Tamils. They are taught in the schools and they are taught in the Buddhist temples. When the children are born to different races in Sri Lanka they are born pure and innocent.

As they grow, they start to look into the eyes of their mothers and rest in the arms of their fathers and they feel secure and confident no matter whether they were born to Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher parents.

When they get into the schools, they are taught that the land belongs only to the Sinhala Buddhists and the rest were invaders and aliens.

If my parents had taught me that my next door neighbour was born to a monkey and he was an invader in our family land, I would have grown up hating this poor neighbour. Thankfully my parents never did that.

Buddhist Sinhala extremists in Sri Lanka are very much like the Nazi regime that preached hatred against the Jewish people, and the rulers of Sri Lanka are like reincarnations of Hitler because they are doing exactly what Hitler did sixty five years ago.


Are all the Sinhalease racists?

Not all the Germans were Nazis. Few leaders with sick heads can destroy a whole country or even start a world war. Hitler was a perfect example for it.

There are many Sinhala politicians, academics, lawyers, human rights activists, professionals and people from all walks of life, understand that Tamils are oppressed because of ignorance, foolishness, hatred and greed of some Nazi style leaders who are not only wiping out Tamils but are destroying the whole country.

Many Sinhala people are supporting the Tamils in their struggle against oppression.


Why do they persecute the Tamils in Sri Lanka?


Persecution of Tamils in Sri Lanka is more to do with an attempt by the Sinhala Buddhists leaders to fulfil the myths and fantasies written in an ancient book called Mahavamsa.

Mahavamsa was originally written in Pali language because the Sinhala language was not well developed at that time.

Mahavamsa is considered as a kind of bible by the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Although this book has historical records, there are many fabricated stories, myths and fantasies that make this book completely unreliable.

It talks about a pure Sinhala race that descended from a lion which is obviously a four leg animal. No wonder why the minorities find the Sri Lankan lion flag very offensive.

In recent days, great importance is given for flying the Sri Lankan lion flags in Tamil concentration camps , than feeding the hungry or treating the wounded. Even the Nazi regime in Germany was very serious about displaying swastika flags in the Jewish concentration camps.

Mahavamsa also preaches hatred against the minority Tamils.

Sinhala Buddhist politicians and military leaders of Sri lanka believe every word in this book and they are on a mission to fulfil the desires of the kings and queens that are portrayed in this book.

This is a sample text from Mahavamsa which was written in the 6th Century. This verse talks about a desire of a Sinhala queen who wanted drink water, mixed with the blood of a Tamil warrior.

Then she longed to drink the water that had served to cleanse the sword with which the head of the first warrior among Tamil king Elära's warriors had been struck off, and she longed to drink it standing on this very head, and moreover she longed to adorn herself with garlands of unfaded lotus-blossoms brought from the lotus marshes of Anuradhapura”

No wonder why the extremists act like the way they act, when they meditate such verses. Words of many racist politicians and military leaders in Sri Lanka are spoken straight out this book. Even some of the well known former presidents of Sri Lanka are not the exceptions.

They want to make Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist nation by wiping out the minority Tamils.


So who are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka?

We have been very successful in building multi ethnic and multi religious communities with every colour race and religion who are enjoying equal rights in many countries. Therefore it is completely inappropriate to argue who own the lands and who were the original inhabitants.

Tamils and Sinhalease both have been there for more than two thousands years. They lived in two separate nations until they were brought together by the British during the 18th century.

But it is important to look at some historic facts about Sri Lanka so that we know it is wrong for the Sri Lankan authorities to claim Sri lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist country by suppressing the Tamil minorities who are indeed the original inhabitants of this Nation.

Firstly, there were no Buddhists in Sri Lanka before 200 BC because Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka in 200 BC. There was no Sinhala language before 300 BC ,because Sinhala language was given birth at that time. Sinhala has around four thousands loan words from Tamil language, although this language originated from Brahmi script and have features of Bengali, Pali and Sanskrit. It is quite obvious that Sinhala was developed by people from different races including the Tamils.

Logically speaking, there was no such community called “Sinhala Buddhists” in Sri Lanka before 200BC. But there were Tamils in Sri Lanka before there were Sinhala Buddhists.

However, Many Sinhalese have Dravidian and Aboriginal features and these people are either the inhabitants of the country who were speaking Tamil or aboriginal languages or people migrated from the South Indian states.

Some of the Sinhalese have ancestors from Bengal, Orissa and other North Indian states.Those Sinhalese with the fair complexion either have north Indian roots or they have European ancestors.

Tamils in Sri Lanka can be grouped into three groups. Majority of them are the original inhabitants and some came to this country during the Chola invasions from India and the ones who work in the tea estates were brought in the 18th century.

Sri Lanka was connected to India by a land mass before they were separated by water. It is highly likely that Dravidian Tamils and Aboriginal community lived in Sri Lanka for many thousands years.

Nasa picture: Land mass connecting India and Sri Lanka, confirms  the links between Aboriginal/Dravidian civilizations in both countries

In summary Tamils, Sinhalease and Muslims who have Aboriginal and Dravidian roots are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka.
So this claim of making Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist country by suppressing the minorities is completely illogical, because Sinhala language and the Buddhist religion are relatively new to this country that has many thousands of years of history.

Sri Lanka has the responsibility to protect all its citizens no matter whether they are Sinhalease, Tamils, Muslims, Moors or Burghers. When they discriminate against a race and carrying out genocide they are not just failing from their duties but they are losing their right to govern.

Oppressing the minorities to fulfil the myths and fantasies in a book that was written by a poet is a complete madness and those leaders who are trying to do this should be seen as the Hitlers of Sri Lanka.


Buddhist Sinhala leaders are now busy performing their rituals while Tamils are dying in the concentration camps

While the Tamils are persecuted all over the country, while they are being tortured in these controversial camps, the President and his family are busy performing Buddhist rituals and carrying statues through out the country.

Recently, the Presidents wife and his son made a secret visit to the north of the country to perform a buddhist ritual in the Tamil city of Jaffna.

The President has also recently announced that he was going to build nine giant Buddha statues in nine districts of the country including all the Tamil districts where people don’t practice Buddhism as their religion.

Millions are going to be spent on building statues in places where thousands of Tamils have recently perished in a dirty war. Instead of giving priority to help the victims, ignorant leaders are acting irresponsibly.

Sri Lankan government has also started to implement Sinhala colonisations in Tamil areas. They are also changing names of streets and places from Tamil to Sinhala

All the indications of a systematic genocide of a race is clearly seen in Sri Lanka. Tamils are dying in the hands of a Sinhala regime because of the ignorance and stupidity of the Sinhala Buddhist leaders.


What is the response from the International Community?

Many foreign diplomats still haven't understood the deeper issues. Some of them are even congratulating the Sri Lankan government just like someone who congratulate a bogus doctor who claims that he had healed Tyfoid with paracetamol tablets. Fever may be gone temporarily for few hours but the root disease is still there.

Sadly, many haven’t grasped the fact that Sri Lankan leaders are deceiving the whole international community with lies and deceptions and this has been going on for years.

Sri Lankan government very often take foreign diplomats to some of these refugee camps that are well maintained for propaganda purposes. They see such camps and give reports to the media that they are happy with the facilities available in these camps.

In terms of statistics, such propaganda camps are not the right samples and they don’t represent the population.

Human rights research groups and many independent organisations have confirmed war crimes and abuses in Sri Lanka in a massive scale and it is important that the world should be looking at the Sri Lankan leaders as suspected criminals and murderers.

It doesn't make any sense if the world leaders shake hands with the killers and make joint statements about the defeat of terrorism in Sri Lanka while the Sri Lankan State is still terrorising and abusing its minorities.

If the world leaders understood, how much the Tamils are going through, in the hands of a Nazi style regime in Sri Lanka, they would have done something to save the Tamils from these notorious camps.

International think tanks , diplomats and global strategists should understand the deeper issues in Sri Lanka before jumping into conclusions.

Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh has recently acknowledged that Sri Lankan problem is bigger than LTTE. It is not that he has discovered something new but it is India's another attempt to deceive the international community that they have a better understanding of Sri Lankan issues than other countries.

Anyhow he was right that Sri Lanka has very deeper issues and the most obvious problem is that the Sinhala Buddhist leaders are trying to establish a Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka by wiping out the Tamil minorities.

Sri Lankan ethnic conflict can be grouped into four areas. These are, enmity between two races that existed for almost two thousands of years, State terrorism against Tamils for the last 60 years, Tamil armed rebellion against state oppression for 30 years and finally the competition mainly between India and China in the Indian ocean

India and China have acted as opportunists in Sri Lanka. They got into the scene and provided help to the party they saw as strong and they have now secured their interests in Sri Lanka.

What we have recently seen in Sri Lanka is that the armed rebellion of the Tamils has now been crushed by the Sri Lankan government with the help of China and India who obviously have their own strategic interests in the Indian Ocean.

International leaders should first understand that the armed Tamil rebellion from the Tamils was just a response to the State terrorism in this country and crushing this rebellion is just like dealing with a symptom instead of the root cause.

 Even after defeating the LTTE, The way how the Tamils are treated in the barbed wired concentration camps, clearly indicates that the problems in Sri Lanka are more to do with the hatred towards the Tamils and an organised State terrorism.


Why do we have to intervene and save Tamils from Sri Lankan death camps?

We have all heard about a man called Josef Fritzl who kept his daughter in the dungeon for 24 years. He fed her and gave all that she needed but he abused her day and night. He was found guilty and was sent to jail.

When we find out that someone is abusing a victim, we will do something to stop the abuse and bring the culprit to justice. We don’t just stand and clap our hands or make joint statements with the killer.

Sri Lankan leaders are acting exactly like this evil father. Tamils in Sri Lanka are abducted, abused, tortured, raped and killed everyday and the world has all the evidences.

We live in a global village. We hold our hands and sing our Olympic songs together. We have become very generous and righteous. We climb mountains and run races to save the children in Africa.

We have the technologies to see what is happening in every little tiny spots on this planet. A surgeon in California can operate a child in India by manipulating a robot arm through the web interface.

We are the defenders of human rights. We talk about it in our dinner parties. We have huge departments in universities to do research on human rights and war crimes.

We enjoy each other and we need each other. We eat mangoes from India, oranges from Israel and Kiwis from New Zealand.

Here is the challenge for the civilised world. Three hundred thousands innocent civilians are persecuted in Barbed wired concentration camps for a simple reason that the rulers of this country consider them as infidels just like how Hitler treated the Jewish people.

When the West fought with the Nazi regime in Germany, We didn't just fight with flesh and blood but we also fought with the evil that was in the hearts and minds of the Nazis. What is destroying Sri Lanka is not the Sinhalease, not the Tamils, not even the Sri Lankan military but the evil that rules the hearts and minds of the racist political and religious leaders who are foolish, arrogant and greedy.

Tamils are now dying in Nazi style death camps. The law of the land is not protecting them. A systematic genocide is being committed against this oppressed community.

We have already failed to save thousands of Tamils from indiscriminate bombings in the killing fields of Sri Lanka.

If ,what we believe and what we profess in the lands of freedom are true,we would do something to save the dying Tamils from the Death Camps of Sri Lanka.

"This article is now on the public domain. Contents of this article can be partially or fully reproduced, republished and communicated in any form without prior permission from the author".


 Click here to read this article on Telegraph


Written by Richard Dixon

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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 03:20 pm (UTC)
what NASA pictures indicates is that this country's original inhabitants are tamils
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-15 04:12 pm (UTC)
You don't need to go to aerial photos to know that the Tamils were there
years before the Sinhalese (Incidentally I am a Sinhalese). All you need to
do is to read the writings of my cousin Siran Deraniyagala, Sri Lanka's best
known Archeologist who probuced internationally accepted evidence to show
that there were human beings in Lanka, thousands of yers before Mr Vijaya
arrived. The best evidence is ironically in the Mahavamsa, which says that
Vijeya married a 'Yaksha" woman called Kuveni, and had 2 children. The
pariotic Sinhalese say that Kuveni was a she-devil (yaksha in Sinhalese for
devil). As a doctor of medicine I find it a bit difficult to believe that a
human (Vijeya) could mate with a devil and produce 2 children.
Kuveni and her children were then banished to the jungle and Vijeya and his
700 goons went to South India and married Pandyan women. So, on the
Mahavamsa evidence, the Sinhalese are half-Tamil.
Brian Senewiratne
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
(no subject) - (Anonymous) Expand
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 03:31 pm (UTC)

this is gowrie

UN has lost its credibility. this does not operate like an independant body but a political body. we already have too many political players. UN should safeguard the vulnerables thats why they are there for! but instead, who are they safeguarding? the genocidal government. Ban ki moon & co you must resign or you must be dismissed forthwith. it is an absolute waste of money on you UN! the world does not need you anymore.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 03:56 pm (UTC)

Unhuman act should be stopped

Sri Lankan Goverment Unhuman act should be stopped immediately. As mentioned in the article it seems that most the tamil people in the camp will killed by without food, medicine and water. The world doing injustice to the tamil people.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 04:23 pm (UTC)

Friday, 12 June 2009

I am Tamil and living in UK for over 40 years. I did history in my school, (at that time it was Ceylon) and agree with your history. In my history lessons I studied that there was a Tamil kingdom and a Sinhale kingdom and there was war betweem them.
I am a Christian and I love my country and I am praying for them. I agree that only a minority is causing this problem and some have vested intrest. I was in Colombo during the 1958 riots and there were some Sinhales who told lies to the mobs and saved the lives of the Tamils.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 05:16 pm (UTC)

(Imaya) - It's already over..

Dear Dixon,

First of all, thanks for a well researched, detailed article. Your articles help me to spread awareness to people regarding the real reason behind this ugly war aka mass killing.

I feel that SL govt has done a very good job in coining the Tamils together to kill them gradually. I have no hope for them and believe that their 'time is over' and all the 300,000 people in the concentration camps will die of forced malnutrition and poor medical facilities which is well planned and being well executed by the chavunists in SL.

I don't believe in God, and I never will, if these people don't get justice. There is no one to help them and our selfish, cunning, useless country called India will make sure that they are finished and wiped out of their homeland forever !!
(Reply) (Thread)
From: vadakathayan
2009-06-13 05:17 pm (UTC)

Self Destruction and the Law of Karma

I believe that the Nazi regime of the Rajapakse's will soon self destruct. The amount of atrocities committed against the Tamils of Sri Lanka in the name of 'war on terror' by the Rajapakse's cannot go unpunished. The law of Karma will prevail and it will be a lesson to the international community that stood by idly.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: chieuhado
2009-10-19 03:22 am (UTC)

Re: Self Destruction and the Law of Karma

Oh ! I think too . we hope they lucky .
nuoc hoa | Nuoc hoa nam | Nuoc hoa nu
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 05:20 pm (UTC)

Who can stop this on going genocide?

UN Failed, HRC failed, The responsible western super powers failed. The Tamil people are at the mercy of their predator - the sinhalese government & army. The emerging powers join the state sponsored terror of Sri Lanka so that they can do the same in their own country. Looks like in the name of sovereignty governments can kill in millions of its "own" people just because no ne can ask for justice or they have the right to do that? I am wondering that is very much possible. Sri Lanka's democracy is shame for democracy. One best example where democracy will not work - with racist barbaric majority. The democratic countries should jump in and get the freedom for Tamils to save democracy. It is shame on the international community that it failed to act when repeatedly told loud and clear by Tamils in UK, USA, South Africa, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, all over Europe very early predicting this. The labeled the protectors (LTTE) as terrorist, because of them this didn't happen 10-20 years early. All the powerful countries helped nullify the Tamil resistance now not bothered to help the poor people? Is this is what justice? Don't they have heart or consciousness? They stopped the army that protect their people now not helping them to live free, shame. The Tamil people should resurrect themselves like how Jews did after what Hitler did to their race ( genocide ). Hitler-2 = Mahinda rajapakse should be tried and prosecute for genocide - that is the correct judgement for him. - VelmuruganT
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 06:05 pm (UTC)

World Leaders -Lend your ears.

If the world leaders want to know the facts, let them read this article. Once they read, if they feel justice must be done, let them act.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 08:10 pm (UTC)

UN failed to stop the genocide

UN failed to stop the genocide in Sri Lanka for past 60 years, now terribly failed. Sri Lankan goverment will slowly kill all remaining tamil people in the camp by without giving medicine and food. World countries are not in a responsible way, they supporting Sri Lankan goverment to kill tamil people like chiken. No human value for tamils.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 08:47 pm (UTC)

"I am Tamil and I am not slave"

hats off Richard. I wanted to tell the world samething...many things on this articles! Between the iron walls of Sri Lankan forces ,how can I? Daily our children have to walk through riffles of Sri Lankan forces! They are scared , specially school girls have been teased by Sri Lankan forces on the road! Their family or who ever have to keep silent and walk! Our youth can be attacked on the road but others will walk like they never saw it! Only some University students made some noise but they were "Dispeared!" . What can we do now?
We have nobody to talk for us! We have no wealth or oil ...so I know UN or any super powers will not save us! Even we are now supressed by Chinese ...why? why the Chinese who never know us want Sinhalese governemnt to kill us? I know...just for harbour in south!
Hust for a harbour in south who Tamil rave is ethinically cleansed! I believe god has taught them enough with natural disasters...go will once again definetly teach Chinese a lesson! pains will be returned to them oneday!

Bhudist shrines and stutues are poping up on our streets! We are forced to talk in Sinhala and Tamil is eventually dying! Our pains cannot be expressed in words!

Our Tamils are even doing many crimes for money and power! We cannot even stop that! Our Tamil Nadu brothers even became selfish! They behave like they never know us! India even hate and want to kill us!

I have many pains...I am crying between walls! Oneday I will definetly come out and tell the world of our pains! When Tamil get their freedom from Sinahal Chavunists ...I will come out! I will breath in free atmosphere! I will shout on the road " I am Tamil, I am not slave"

Believe me I will shout that oneday!
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-15 12:07 am (UTC)

Re: "I am Tamil and I am not slave"

Well said. Your words are exactly what almost all Tamils feel. Thanks for expressing it so well.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 09:11 pm (UTC)

Learned something new in my life...

No one cares for those who are suffering in this world. God can make difference in their lives...(if there is one) I am just waiting to witness a Tsunami to engulf all of Rajapaksha's Regime. I don't care for anyone anymore. They've killed innocent children and UN did nothing. THERE WILL BE DISASTER IN SL AND GOSL WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RECOVER.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-13 11:09 pm (UTC)

I am a tamil

Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to thank you for you article. I hope your article will wake up many people.

As a tamil, I have been a refugee from the age of 6years..I want to return to my birth place..before dying...

I feel that no one understands our pain.Singalses are destroying our people. Why are there lots of injustice in this world?????? ARE TaMILS Cursed????

Am I cursed????
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-14 02:18 am (UTC)

Partners in crime - UN, India, China, Pakistan, etc.

Hi Richard
A well researched and well written article at many levels. I thank you and the Independent Minds on behalf of humanity for telling the truth.

UN is the biggest joke of this century. I heard that Ban Ki-Moon is being awarded for his work on humanitarian issues. Ban Ki-Moon is one of the partners in crime committed in Sri Lanka on Tamil people. India should be ashamed of itself for the help they provided to SL in the genocide of Tamils. It will be a permanent stain on Indian conscience and cannot be washed off by any means.

The SL Govt. told many lies and with the help of India banned the LTTE in many countries. LTTE took up arms to protect the Tamil people from the atrocities of GoSL. Now, the LTTE has been crushed as everybody wanted. There is no one to protect the Tamil people from the GoSL genocide. The countries that helped GoSL by giving arms, military training, financial aid, intelligence help etc. now need to protect the Tamil people. There is no more LTTE. Now, it is the duty of the UN and International Community to protect the Tamil people.

Richard please take care of yourself, the SL Govts WHITE VAN may come to get you.
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-14 03:33 am (UTC)

Lost Trust On Humanity! Holding on bcasue of you Richard

Once again Thank you Richard for your wake-up call to IC on the suffering of vanni tamils in Srilanka and expose the humanitarian crisis in that island.

Tamils never oppose sinhala civilians or ever try to grab their land. Tamils are only against Racist Sinhala Governments, its discriminative policies and its oppressive military.

What tamils are asking is a peaceful life with dignity and equal rights as every other citizen in Srilanka.

I share the same feeling as few other commenter in this blog:

As a tamil, I have been a refugee from the age of 14 years..I want to return to my birth place as a free human being without any ones interference ..before dying...

I feel that no one understands our pain. Tamils are slowly eliminated from Srilankan soil by Sinhala Chauvinistic elements. Why tamils in Srilanka facing injustice for the past 60 years?????? ARE TAMILS Cursed????

As tamil leader Chelvanayagam said in early seventies that "ONLY GOD CAN SAVE TAMILS".
After seeing thousands of innocent children died in the war and several thousand became orphans "I DONT EVEN BELEIVE IN GOD"

Millions of tamils among 80 million across the globe share the same feeling as me.

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From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-14 11:16 am (UTC)

My Special Thanks to Richard

This is article is with great research... But I do not think we will not be saying this for long as whole world is supported and supporting the GENOCIDE OF TAMILS.

I feel something like UN Secretary General Bank Ki Moon is getting something valuable from Sri Lankan government that is why he is supporting Sri Lanka.

I am sure that he is not suitable for this position. He has moved away from nutralised position....

Thanks again Richard at least your support is making us to live in the world...
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